With our busy lifestyles it can be difficult to feel completely connect to ourselves. We have cultivated a collection of classes to help you feel re-balanced and reconnected to yourself.  Scroll down for more info about our Meditation workshops, weekly Tai Chi and Mindful Hatha classes and The Mindful Movement Project.



New Intentions

January 6th 2018. 1.30pm

Do away with forgotten new year's resolutions and instead create an intention which holds true to your core values.  Intentions, unlike goals or resolutions, set us free to be our very best self. 

To manifest our desires, our minds must be clear of unhelpful thoughts and limiting self-beliefs. This two hour workshop will explore meditation and mindful practices which ignite the transformation you wish to see. This workshop invites you to create an intention which helps you to identify with a higher version of your life before closing with a beautifully powerful meditation to help reinforce your purpose this year. You will leave feeling prepared and excited to follow your hearts' dreams in 2018.


Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners

March 10th 2018. 1.30pm

Mindfulness is an approachable and attainable form of meditation; we are simply paying attention to the breath, the gentle movements of the body and the sensations that are already within us. This means you don’t need any special equipment, soundtrack or even the capability to sit cross legged on the floor, just an open mind and the willingness to commit to practice!  

During this two hour workshop we’ll discuss the science behind the practice, cover the basics of incorporating Mindfulness into our lives and its benefits when also combined with movement and/or a simple Yoga practice.


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Tai Chi


Monday evenings at 20.15

Tai Chi is an integrative methodology for cultivating both physical and psychological health and vitality. Consisting of low impact, spiraling movements designed to improve bio-mechanical function, Tai Chi develops a more relaxed and natural way of moving and being.

It incorporates physical, mental, and mindfulness elements in a single unified practice, making Tai Chi a wonderfully complete system for body, mind, and spirit. When practiced correctly and consistently it can provide a multitude of health and well-being benefits, including improved psycho-motor control, postural alignment, and joint health; greater strength, stamina, and flexibility; increased immune function; various cardiopulmonary benefits; reduced stress and anxiety; and increased energy levels, as well as being a powerful mindfulness practice.

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Morning Movement & Meditation

Wednesdays at 07.00

Wake up your body and mind gently on a Wednesday morning.

This pace of this class is slow and you will be invited to move into the postures gently and easefully; softly awakening and stretching your body before moving on to an extended Meditation practice.

Leave the class feeling present and prepared for the day ahead.

This class is suitable for all ages and abilities and will be led on alternate weeks by our teachers Emma-Jane Bunn and Courtenay Howe.


Mindful Hatha

Saturdays at 11.30

Combining Mindfulness techniques and traditional Hatha Yoga postures expect to work your way through this class with a steady flow and finish with a mindful meditation.

Be encouraged to practice with curiosity and compassion whilst cultivating a strong and positive connection between body and mind.

Taught with a practical approach, this class is open to all levels - beginners are especially welcome.



The Mindful Movement Project

First Sunday of every month at 18.00

Let us introduce you to The Mindful Movement Project; brainchild of our yoga teacher Fern Ross. It began at The Honor Oak Wellness Rooms in April 2017 as a monthly charity yoga class to raise awareness of mental health and raise funds for treatment and research, and continues to run each month with a variety of teachers. 

A nourishing Flow & Restore yoga class to set you up for the week ahead; all for a good cause and suitable for all levels.

£13 for a 75minute class. All proceeds go to MIND charity.