London has long been known as an extremely expensive city, the cost of living is said to be fourth highest in the world. This being said, it can appear daunting to want to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a city where it’s common for a gym membership to exceed £50 per month and there are often reports about the soaring costs of healthy food – Whole Foods Market even carries the nickname ‘Whole Pay check’. So we’ve had a look at some of the FREE active things to do in London, which will contribute to you feeling your best and progressing on your well-being journey!

-          Find a walking route

Even amongst London’s many high rise buildings there are plenty of green walking routes to find. Popular ones include the Grand Union Canal Walk, which follows the towpath of Britain’s longest canal, starting at the scenic Little Venice in West London.

-          Visit London’s newest park

Officially known as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the Olympic stadium grounds are now open to the public. The southern section of the park comprises of children’s play areas, four walking trails and public artwork displays. A great opportunity to see the history making stadium for the first time!

-          PING a ball

Earl’s Court’s Ping Pong restaurant and bar is free to play on a first come, first served basis and there’s even a tournament every Tuesday.

-          Climb big ben

Big ben and the Elizabeth Tower tours are free to UK residents. The guided tour takes you up the 334 spiral stair case and if that doesn’t get your heart beating nothing will!

-          Train with Nike

Nike is doing free exercise classes via Facebook, which are booked around two weeks in advance. Yoga, running and general fitness sessions are all on offer, classes are held in a range of location such as Clapham Common, Victoria Park and the exercise space in the flagship Nike Town shop.