Our co-founder and resident Chiropractor Simon answers your questions in our new monthly feature...

Here are our top questions from this month - thanks everyone for your submissions!

I've got lower back pain, how do I decide between getting a massage or seeing a Chiropractor? Lucy, Peckham

Chiropractic helps restore normal function to the joints of the body using specific adjustments whilst also utilising massage techniques and prescribed exercises. Chiropractors are trained as primary care physicians so that we can diagnose, treat or refer every individual as we look at each person as a whole. 

I've never seen a Chiropractor before, what is the treatment like? Will it be painful? Mark, Beckenham

Chiropractic adjustments are given through a quick manually controlled force into a joint that is restricted. An audible “click” may be heard, which is just a change of pressure within a joint. This helps restore normal functional movement to the joint and increase neurological feedback (proprioception) to the brain. Soft tissue techniques such as massage, active release stretching or instrument assisted release will be used if there are muscle restrictions. With all patients exercise will play a vital role in treatment and prevention of injuries and will be tailored to each individual. Each patient will be looked at as a whole so that the roots of the problem can be located.

Chiropractic care should not be painful however if there is inflammation within the area patients can experience post treatment soreness which tends to calm after 1 or 2 days. Other than that Chiropractic care is a very safe and non-invasive treatment. 

Once I start a course of Chiropractic care how many treatments will I need? Anna, Maidstone

The number of sessions will depend on each individual. There can be multiple factors such as age, lifestyle and the type of problem that will need to be taken into account. After the consultation, your chiropractor will give you a report of your findings to explain the number of treatments needed and answer all of your questions.

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