By Korina Tsipoura


There has been increasing interest and research in recent years about the benefits of yoga for children. Our children nowadays live in a world flooded with external stimuli and information due to exposure to media technologies, as well as increased competition in schools to succeed academically. These factors can result in our children experiencing stress at a far younger age than ever before. Recent studies show that Yoga may well be a solution in counteracting these negative inputs and help children become more aware and be able to self-regulate their emotions and behaviours and generally promote a more balanced and healthy lifestyle [1].


Here are 8 ways your child could benefit from Yoga:


  1.  Improves strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. 

  2. Promotes self-awareness and body-mind connection.

  3. Provides students with healthy ways to express, balance, and regulate their emotions and behaviour.

  4. Has a positive impact on students’ academic performance.

  5. Cultivates balanced psychological and physiological responses to stress, such as improved stress management.

  6. Enhances focus, attention, concentration, comprehension and memory.

  7. Supports social and emotional learning. [2]

  8. Improves resilience and promotes perseverance and patience.

kids yoga graph.jpg

Yoga through the postures, the breathing techniques and meditation helps children very gently to become more accepting, to learn express themselves emotionally and create a better connection with themselves and others. The Beauty of Yoga is that it is whole and thus promotes connectedness through all aspects of life; empowering children and young people by giving them the tools to develop self-reflection, self-protection, self-regulation, and holistic self-development. [1]

My philosophy is that in a Yoga class there is no competition, there is no end result; we all work individually within our own capabilities, only striving to better ourselves with the support of the whole group.