by Marion Colledge

What is Abdominal Sacral Massage and what does it do?

In a nutshell this is a nourishing and relaxing massage of the abdomen and lower back. It aims to enervate and oxygenate all tissues within the abdomen, pelvis and sacrum and is a slow and gentle treatment that helps to relieve muscular as well as emotional tension. It aims to increase blood flow and nutrients to the organs and tissues in the abdomen as well as working on the abdominal muscles and deeper ligaments. The massage lasts 30 minutes as a stand alone treatment or can form part of a longer massage.

Where does Abdominal Sacral Massage come from?

Abdominal-sacral massage originates from South America where it is called Mayan Massage and it has been adapted into this particular style in the UK over the last few years. Different bodywork techniques are combined to achieve a massage that is gentle and deep at the same time.

What can Abdominal Sacral Massage help with?

With many years of experience in massage therapy and a special interest in all aspects of women’s health and wellbeing, I have come to realise how important the abdomen and sacrum are to our general health. The abdomen holds several important internal organs and can be a sensitive and sometimes difficult area for women. This may be due to reproductive or menstrual cycle related issues, digestive problems such as bloating or IBS, or simply because we feel uneasy about being touched in this area during a massage.

Common complaints which can be addressed by abdominal-sacral massage include: Constipation IBS Bloating / cramps Painful or irregular menstrual cycles PMS Miscarriages Fertility problems Ovarian cysts Stress Held in emotions

Who is it suitable for?

This massage is for anyone experiencing any of the above but is also a great relaxing treatment without any specific concerns. There is always a short consultation at the beginning where any issues or questions can be discussed. It is a very safe massage and suitable for all ages except during pregnancy.

Can I get an appointment?

Abdominal Sacral Massage appointments are available throughout the week with Marion at Honor Oak Wellness Rooms. You can book appointments online:

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