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Tuesday 12th March
Tuesday 19th March
Tuesday 26th March
Tuesday 2nd April
Tuesday 9th April
Tuesday 16th April

This 6 week course with Hayley is designed for new mums to melt away stress, tension and fatigue whilst focussing on stabilising and strengthening the pelvic floor, abdomen, spine, neck and shoulders; addressing issues unique to your postnatal body. The course will be delivered in a methodical and playful way, providing the opportunity to become reacquainted with your body after carrying your baby throughout pregnancy. The classes provide a space to nurture yourself, share your practice with your baby and connect with other mums.

We welcome new mums (with, or without babies) from 6 weeks after a vaginal birth and 8-10 weeks after a c-section birth (upon the advice of your GP), until your baby is crawling.

The cost of the course is £60 for 6 weeks - that’s just £10 a class!

Course Details:

Week 1
Introducing the healing and strengthening benefits of postnatal yoga for the body and mind to assist with your postnatal recovery journey. There will be a focus on tailored energising breathing and relaxation techniques, all of which can be practised at home.
Week 2
Strengthening, toning and realigning the pelvic area and lumbar spine, employing both breath work and movement to support your body’s natural healing process.
Week 3
Exploration of abdominal and core strengthening postures to stabilise and mobilise your spine, improving posture and providing a release of tension in your body.
Week 4
Releasing tension in the neck and shoulders whilst opening and strengthening the muscles in these areas – leaning over to nurse, feed and change your baby can lead to tight and aching muscles.
Week 5
Working through a sequence of tailored standing and seated poses synchronising breath and movement. Developing an understanding of the basic principles of how to safely align and adjust your body, exploring modifications of poses to ensure that you get what you need from your practice.
Week 6
A yoga flow combining the techniques learned over the previous 5 weeks ending with a blissful guided meditation designed to release tension, rebalance your body and increase vitality.