This 6-week Beginners Yoga course is the perfect introduction for anyone wanting to take up Yoga and  start a regular practice, whether you are a beginner or just wishing to brush up on the fundamentals.

The course offers the opportunity for progression and greater individual attention, allowing you to build confidence, deepen your understanding of key Yoga principles and develop a solid foundation with which to build your overall health and fitness. We will be looking at different elements that comprise a yoga practice, such as breathwork, physical postures and relaxation/guided meditation. Starting with basic technique, we will explore posture and alignment for the most common poses with an emphasis on safe practice and physical awareness. We will progress by bringing together these elements so we are able to move with more freedom through flowing sequences, developing a balance between strength and flexibility.

The course is run in small groups so allows time for discussion and Q&A.

The next course dates are:

Sat 11th May
Sat 18th May
Sat 25th May
Sat 1st June
Sat 8th June
Sat 15th June

Across all 6 sessions of the course, we will be opening our practice with breathwork. Using simple breathing techniques, to help us bring awareness to the breath, enable us to deepen it and incorporate it into our physical practice. We will also be closing our practice in every session with deep relaxation and guided meditation, using yoga nidra and mindfulness techniques.

Our physical practice will comprise of the following:

Week 1 & 2 The primary content

We’ll lay the foundations of the course, deconstructing the most common poses and looking into different elements of the physical practice. We’ll be studying the anatomy, alignment and key principles to enable us to find ways to fit the pose into our bodies.

Week 3 & 4 Revise, practice and develop

We’ll continue building upon the fundamentals and refining all poses we’ve learnt so far, but will also study some more challenging poses. We’ll make sure that we learn a wide range of physical postures that work through the whole body and we have an understanding of their benefits.

Week 5 & 6 Putting things together and finding flow

We’ll start working on Sun Salutations A & B, using them as the base to create some flowing sequences with the poses we’ve learnt. Finding enjoyment and fluidity from pose to pose and synchronising movement and breath.