feeling the need to slow down after an energetic summer? Take a mini-hibernation and ease into Autumn with this three hour restorative workshop specifically designed to reset, recharge and bring the body and mind into a deeply calm and relaxed state.

It will begin with pranayama (the practice of breath control) and guided meditation to gently quieten the mind. A creatively sequenced set of postures will help to stimulate the circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems of the body, responsible for the removal of toxins and waste. The detoxifying effect will leave you feeling cleaner on the inside and more energised.  Restorative poses will also be practiced, designed to regulate the nervous system and release stress from the body. Yoga poses will be supported with props such as bolsters and blankets and held for 3-5 minutes.  This powerful practice, which complements dynamic styles of yoga, is known to improve digestion, open up the body, reduce muscle tension and to help relieve insomnia and fatigue.

The workshop will conclude with Yoga Nidra, a ‘Yogic Sleep’, to encourage complete relaxation of the entire body and mind. You will leave the workshop feeling rested with a new found energy.



This is yoga for all levels of experience, beginners and all ages are welcome.