Mindful Meditation & Movement

With Emma-Jane Bunn

Mindfulness is an approachable and attainable form of meditation; we are simply paying attention to the breath, the gentle movements of the body and the sensations that are already within us. This means you don’t need any special equipment, soundtrack or even the capability to sit cross legged on the floor, just an open mind and the willingness to commit to practice!  Using the breath sensations in the body as a focal point enables us to cultivate a sense of stability; an anchor to keep us in the present moment and help rein-in overthinking and thoughts that can lead to stress and anxiety. During this two hour workshop we’ll discuss the science behind the practice, cover the basics of incorporating Mindfulness into our lives and its benefits when also combined with movement and/or a simple Yoga practice.

Mindfulness can help manage stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression, but it isn’t only useful if you’re feeling stressed or have a mental health problem – it can help any of us enjoy a more wakeful, healthy and happier life.


This practical workshop will include both static and movement practices; please wear appropriate and comfortable clothing. Open to all levels, beginners are especially welcome.