Posture & Alignment Workshop using the STOTT Pilates method

With Elina Karimaa

Imagine watching a group of young, healthy children play. What you are likely to see is effortless, efficient and naturally flowing movements. As we age our lifestyles become more sedentary and we start loosing the natural suppleness and strength that we had as children. We risk developing faulty movement patterns and postural misalignments which may lead to aches and pains and even injuries.

In this workshop, lead by Elina Karimaa, a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor, we will look at:
• common postural problems and their causes
• why good body alignment is essential for our health and wellbeing
• basics of postural analysis; start recognising ideal and faulty alignment in yourself and others
• exercises and techniques that build body awareness and help to bring our bodies back to good alignment

Suitable for all ages and levels of experience