Floristry & Yoga

With King-Wey Hii & Hayley Cotter 

Take the time to stop and smell the roses. 

In today's hectic, busy and often stressful world, we must not underestimate the power of slowing down to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.


The Flowers

With research consistently linking indoor flowers (and plants) with mental well-being, flower arranging is a great place to start exploring the benefits of therapy through art. Flowers emanate vital energy and their scents are known to reduce anxiety and encourage a more positive psychological state.

Learn to create wild and whimsical arrangements in this workshop, using fresh seasonal blooms. Leave your stresses behind and learn something new. We will be covering the basics of floristry, and how to style flowers in way which lets their natural beauty speak for themselves. You will then be able to take your wonderful creations home with you.

...And the Yoga

Hayleys Vinyasa Flow combines energising and mindful-paced flows that will challenge the body and quieten the mind. This class will energise, refresh and relax the body and mind. Perfect for summer!

Suitable for all levels of experience


*If you wish to book in for just the Floristry portion of the day please call us on 0208 314 5535. Thank You*