Want to try yoga but don’t know where to begin? Then you’ve come to the right place. Right now there may be a million thoughts running through your head (‘But I’m not flexible enough’; ‘I don’t want to om or burn incense’), and that’s OK. Yoga is a practice of inquiry: a way to get to know - and embrace - yourself. It’s an incredible way to create space and ease in both body and mind.

Join us for our Beginners Workshops where, over the course of two consecutive Saturdays, we’ll break down and explore the fundamentals in a supportive, safe and dogma-free environment. From sun salutations and standing postures to seated poses and backbends, with a sprinkling of breathing techniques and meditation, you’ll come away feeling confident to step into any mixed-level class.

The workshops will be led by Honor Oak Wellness Rooms teacher Fern Ross, who holds weekly beginners classes across London and is passionate about making this transformative practice accessible to all. Her classes are grounded and playful with a focus on alignment.

So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and sign up! There’s no time like the present to start something new, especially when that something makes you feel calmer, stronger and reconnected to yourself.  

Saturday 13th Jan and Saturday 20th Jan, 2-4pm, £50 for both sessions


Fern Ross

RYT Vinyasa Flow Instructor | Hatha Yoga Instructor