With Candice Habershon

Stay energised and healthy this silly season. This 2-hour workshop, suitable for all levels uses asana (physical practice), pranayama (breath work), meditation and yoga nidra (yogic sleep) to activate the immune system to ward off colds and lethargy.

The workshop will start with a warming and energising vinyasa flow practice (75mins) followed by some pranayama to help balance and restore the energy channels. Next we will practice mindfulness and meditation to help ground our monkey minds in this busy time of year. This will be accompanied by a brief explanation of some of some basic yogic philosophies which can help to keep us centred, happy and calm through this busy and stressful time in the lead up to Christmas.

And finally, you will get to lie back, rug up and enjoy a deeply nurturing 20-minute yoga nidra or yoga sleep, to restore and recharge those inner batteries.

Open to all levels, you'll leave feeling lighter, calmer and happier. A great way to beat the winter blues.