With Marion Colledge

Indian Head Massage has been traditionally performed in family settings in India for thousands of years and has been adapted into a relaxing and invigorating Western massage treatment.

In this workshop you will learn some basic massage techniques involving shoulders, neck, scalp and face to help the recipient relax and unwind. The treatment is performed seated on a chair and fully clothed so is ideal for relieving some postural tension at the end of a day. Received regularly, Indian Head Massage can help to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and alleviate headaches.

Marion has been a qualified massage therapist for 13 years and draws on a lot of experience when putting together this workshop. It is suitable for couples, 2 friends, mother and daughter or anyone else who would like to get an introduction to Indian Head Massage.

No prior experience required. Please note that this workshop is intended to teach for personal use only and is not part of a professional qualification.