With the cold season well and truly here, join us for a fun and informative class on creating your own wellness tea blend, led by Katia, the founder and tea blender at Nauteas.

Learn about the natural properties of tea and herbs, sample the incredible simple flavours and have a go at creating a beautiful blend to take home and enjoy during these cold autumn days and nights.


ABOUT: Katia Sokolskaya

Katia is the founder and tea blender at Nauteas, an award-winning tea company based in London. She discovered her passion for tea while travelling around the world and was inspired by the versatility of this special drink, the rituals around it and the people who made it. Years of learning, brewing and blending followed, and Nauteas was born to introduce a fresh take on the traditional cup of tea. Through her workshops, Katia shares her love and knowledge of tea with a special focus on brewing, enjoying and being in the moment.