With Marion Colledge & Elisabeth Carlsson

Do you want to help increase your energy, eliminate your mood swings and get rid of cravings? 

When your hormones are out of balance it can feel as if your whole life is out of whack. We get so used to living with niggling health issues without realising that so many symptoms are linked to hormonal imbalances, for example:
- brain fog
- weight loss resistance
- skin problems such as acne
- anxiety
- fatigue
- problems with your menstrual cycle
- menopausal problems
- fibroids and endometriosis
- issues with your thyroid

In this workshop, Registered Nutritionist Elisabeth Carlsson and Medical Herbalist Marion Colledge will teach you how to manage your symptoms and feel strong, healthy and happy again.


We will show you how to re-balance your hormones with food and herbs and help you navigate the huge amount of information in the media that can both be confusing and overwhelming. A few of the topics will be:
- How to link symptoms to different hormonal imbalances
- How to use nutritional strategies to feel like yourself again
- How to cope with stress and what stress does to your health
- Why sleep is a healer and how to get a good night's kip

Come along to find out about simple nutrition and lifestyle changes and try out some delicious foodie and herbal tasters all designed to support your hormonal health.