With Lynne Fugard

This yoga improvers workshop will build through an invigorating sequence in preparation for the body to weave itself into deliciously deep twists, binds, back-bends and beyond.

Whilst opening the shoulders, chest, and side body, we will also cultivate a strong and powerful core, the centre, from which and around which we move, expand and explore our natural range of motion.

Using props and partner work there will be time to break down and work towards those more challenging twists, binds and backbends from the yoga asana practice - including standing, seated, balancing and inverted poses - leaving you plenty of ideas to take back to your self-practice and weekly classes.

As potent antidotes to our forward-facing, desk-ridden lives, these transformative poses encourage new perspectives and creative ways of moving, strengthening around the spine, enhancing posture and breath-capacity, all whilst lifting the mood, stimulating the nervous system, and clarifying the mind.