with Lynne Fugard

Intrigued by this mysterious sounding form of yoga that has just appeared on our schedule? 
Or perhaps you're a mandala yoga fanatic already? 
In this two hour workshop, Lynne will be delving into the philosophy & background behind this newly popular practice, and will guide you through some of the ins and outs of what you can expect in her new Mandala Yoga class on Wednesday evenings...

Introduction to Mandala Flow

This workshop will introduce and build upon the principles of mandala vinyasa yoga: a playful and dynamic practice that traces fluid circles around the mat to the rhythm of the breath. Moving beyond a foundation in the basic grammar of yoga poses, the creative sequencing in this style of yoga will draw you away from the habitual patterns of daily life, emphasising the physical and energetic experience of moving and breathing in-between, demonstrating that there is no need for tension, strain or rigidity in order to float and fly across the mat towards the most challenging poses. 

Together, with props, and in pairs, we will play with several exercises to cultivate a soft strength that imbues the body with the buoyancy and fluidity required to glide in circles through your practice. With this newfound ease, we will also take time to break down some of the trickier transitions that are usually glossed over in shorter weekly classes, as well as more challenging poses from the yoga repertoire. Suddenly your practice will feel more calm, balanced and effortless. You might even flow towards places you never thought possible, and you’ll definitely have lots of fun!

£25 pp
3.30 PM - 5.30 PM