with Hayley Cotter

The nature of living in a busy city is that we do not often have the opportunity to check in with ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically. It is usually when we experience an injury that we are forced to slow down with our daily routines and reflect. Feeling worried or stressed and in a continual state of doing often results in depleted energy levels and fatigue, making it harder to relax when we do find the time.

Moving from winter into spring is an ideal time to assess our sense of wellbeing and address any issues.  This is exactly what this workshop is designed to do. The focus will be on the shoulders and hips – the two areas of the body known to hold on to emotional stress and tension.  Ever heard the saying “carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?” Sitting down for prolonged periods of time and hunching over desks and phones also creates physical discomfort in the shoulders and hips that can lead to referred pain in the neck and spine.

We will explore grounding breathing techniques that serve to energise and calm the mind, creating space to become reacquainted with your body in a relaxed setting. The practice of targeted dynamic movement synchronised with the breath meanwhile, will allow the shoulders and hips to strengthen and gently open leading to a sense of freedom on the body. Settling in to slower, longer held yin poses using bolsters and blankets as a support, will assist in the release of negative emotions whilst also providing a physical release of tightness.

This is a time to simply be, to nurture, heal and rebalance the body and mind.

All levels welcome.