with Candice Habershon

Is your yoga practice tying you up in knots? Do you ever find yourself wishing your yoga teacher would slow down so you can work out if you’re doing the poses properly? Or, do you get frustrated when teachers say, “If side crow is in your practice, go ahead and do one now.” But what if side crow isn’t in your practice but you’d like it to be? Well then this workshop is for you.

 Over two hours we will look at a handful of poses taught frequently like Chaturanga Dandasona and upward facing dog but will do drills to start with to build up the flexibility and strength needed to do these poses properly and then we will break them down step by step. Then we will move on to some strength poses like crow, tripod headstand and side crow using the same method of drills followed by a step-by-step break down.  Prepare to laugh, fall on your face and not take life too seriously.

 At the end, we will slow everything right down and do a delicious 15-minute yoga nidra to get our heads back out of our asanas, and leave feeling lighter but stronger.