Being pregnant, becoming a mother is a very special and personal journey. It’s a time of major life change and transformation, a time for women to connect to their innate female powers and intuitive wisdom.  Our Pregnancy Yoga classes in Honor Oak Park and Brockley offers a holistic programme of breath-work (pranayama), movement (asana), relaxation, visualisation, sound and meditation and is suited to all stages of pregnancy.


  • TUESDAY 18.30 - 19.30
  • TUESDAY 19.45 - 20.45 with Lisa Toth.

Pre-booking and payment is necessary. £75 for a 6 week block of classes (no drop ins)

From 12 weeks of pregnancy. Please contact Lisa directly to book and pay for your classes. This is in order for Lisa to discuss where you are in your pregnancy and answer any questions you may have about doing yoga whilst pregnant.

Pregnant Students

Unless you already have a regular and consistent practice with one of our teachers and have been cleared by your doctor to keep practicing we recommend not attending classes until 12 weeks for Pregnancy Yoga and 14 weeks for a general-level Yoga or Pilates class. This is due to the higher risk of miscarriage in the first Trimester. Please know that the teacher is within their rights to refuse you entry to class on grounds of safety.


This postnatal class provides a space for mums to melt away stress, tension and fatigue. We’ll use postures and breathing techniques to create stability, strengthen and realign the pelvis and abdominal muscles and alleviate backache and shoulder strain. With a focus on relaxation and rest to aid postnatal recovery, this is a time to nurture yourself and enjoy time with your baby. You’ll leave the mat with an enhanced sense of general well-being; physically, emotionally and energetically.

WITH BABY, OR WITHOUT! We understand sometimes it's tricky to find childcare, so you are welcome to bring your little one along if you need for this class tailored specifically to new mums.


WEDNESDAYS 11.00 - 12.00

We welcome new mums or mums and babies from 6 weeks after a vaginal birth and 8-10 weeks after a c-section birth, until your baby is crawling.