If you would like to understand the different styles of yoga and Pilates better you’re in the right place. Here at The Honor Oak Wellness Rooms, we offer a range of Yoga and Pilates classes, in both the morning and evenings. A yoga class takes place almost every evening during the week, so if you’re busy working in central London or taking care of your children, there’s plenty of slots for you to be able to find a class that suits you.

The basic details of our classes are on our website, as well as the facility to book online. However, we thought it would be useful to share a bit more information about the differences between each class and the benefits you could receive. One thing is for sure, every class will leave you feeling holistically relaxed and one step closer to your health and well-being optimum.

Hatha Flow Yoga

Hatha yoga is the term that refers to practicing postures, and can therefore be referred to most forms of yoga. Flow with Hatha is adding a steady flow from posture to posture, adding more movement to the class. This flowing style of yoga provides benefits to the body and mind. The movement helps stretch stiff muscles, allowing greater mobility. Hatha Flow also helps to connect the mind with the body on a spiritual and emotional level, relieving stress and anxiety.

Alignment Focused Hatha Yoga

This alignment based yoga class builds a connection between movement and breath, while focusing your attention on the precise positioning of each pose. Props are often used in this class to help students reach an aligned pose. This class is great for building strength and ability, as you are challenged physically and mentally to hold each pose.

Dynamic Hatha Yoga

Dynamic Hatha Yoga is similar to Flow Yoga due to its fluid and lively nature. One difference with this form is the spectrum of moves is broader, with dynamic variations in the way the postures are performed.

Power Conditioning Yoga

This kind of yoga is ideal for improving your sports performance by combining physical conditioning and focused concentration. Conditioning yoga can improve your performance no matter what sport you play, allowing you to fully coordinate the mind and body. 

Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal yoga can be amazing for your body, helping you through an incredible journey. Poses help your body deal with a growing baby by strengthening your hips, back arms and shoulders. Through the focus on breathing and holding each pose you are able to improve balance both physically and emotionally – also calming the nervous system through deep breathing. This holistic programme is suited to all stages of pregnancy upwards of 12 weeks.

Body Control Pilates

This form of Pilates works with the deep architectural structure of the body to improve core stability, reduce incidence of back pain and injury and improve posture, amongst other benefits. The class teaches you control over your body, helping you to handle stress better in everyday life and to feel relaxed more easily.